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KB40478 - {"msg": "Login Failed", "cs_code": 0} displayed in browser when attempting to login to Pulse One

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Last Modified Date5/12/2018 1:49 AM
This article describes an issue when connecting to Pulse One using the IP address instead of FQDN.
Problem or Goal
An administrator is attempting to connect to a Pulse One administration page and received the following error in the web browser.
​{"msg": "Login Failed", "cs_code": 0}
This issue occurs when the IP address of the server is used in the URL instead of the fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Note that this will also occur if using an FQDN that is different from that configured on Pulse One.  For example, if you type to access the admin console, and it resolves correctly; but the Pulse One server has changed the FQDN on the server to, you will see the error rather than the login page.
To resolve this issue, please use the FQDN (the same FQDN that is currently configured on the server) to connect to a Pulse One server.
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