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KB40512 - HOB JWT Administration Guide for Java RDP Applet parameter values

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Last Modified Date3/24/2017 1:15 AM
This article provides the JWT Administration Guide for configuring various parameters that can be included in the HTML code with the Hobsoft Java RDP Applet deployed from PCS devices.
Problem or Goal
The Java Hobsoft applet can be configured with or without HTML code.

The configuration steps below provide an example of the configuration of the TS session without the HTML code along with the user experience:
  1.  Go to Users > Resource Profiles > Terminal Services
User-added image
  1. Click "New Profile" (and refer to the screenshot below for an example of the following configuration:)
  2. Add a name for the connection.
  3. In the "Host" field, specify the IP address or FQDN of the host.
  4. Select Enable Java support.
  5. Select the radio button to "Always use this Java applet".
User-added image

These options will deliver the following default Applet to the end user:

User-added image

In order to deploy the Java Hobsoft RDP Applet with customized options, edit the Resource Profile as follows:
  1. Clear the IP or FQDN of the host from the "Host" field so that it is blank.
  2. Optional - The port number can also be cleared, although it is not necessary unless a different port number will be added in the HTML code.
  3. Check the option to "Configure HTML for the default applet"
  4. The HTML code window will now be visible as per the example below:
User-added image

Refer to the PCS Premiere Java Applet Configuration Options guide for the available parameters to use in the HTML code of the applet.

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