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KB40516 - SNMP query for link speed on 10Gbps interface returns 1Gbps speed for PSA7000

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Last Modified Date3/25/2017 12:12 AM
This article describes an issue where SNMP query for a 10Gbps interface on a PSA7000 returns results for 1Gbps.
Problem or Goal
The PSA7000c and PSA7000f interfaces can be connected at 10Gbps Full duplex. When the interface is connected at 10Gbps, the SNMP query for link speed returns the result of 1Gbps. The admin GUI shows the correct link speed. 

Navigate to System > Network > Overview

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This is the limitation of current MIB (ifspeed) that is used for reporting the speed of the interface. 
We will be implementing OID (ifHighSpeed) so that the SNMP query can return the correct speed of the interface. 
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Created ByDeep Ravjibhai Patel



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