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KB40526 - Limited Host Checker support for Pulse Secure Universal App (In-Box) VPN client for Windows 10

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Last Modified Date3/30/2017 12:43 AM
This article describes an issue with limitation with Host Checker and the Pulse Secure Universal App (In-Box) VPN client for Windows 10.
Problem or Goal
The Windows Universal App (WUAP) Pulse client supports only OS Check and Statement of Health (SoH) Host Checker rules.  Statement of Health is a component of Network Access Protection (NAP), a Microsoft policy enforcement platform built into Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

When SOH is enabled, Windows 10 clients using the Universal App are being denied access when non-Windows Antivirus application are failing detection.
This issue occurs due to Microsoft removed Network Access Protection (NAP) from Windows 10.  Due to this issue, SOH is limited with detecting third party antivirus solutions.  For more information, please refer to
Prior to Windows 10, SOH can identify:
  • Antivirus is enabled.
  • Antivirus is up to date.
  • Antispyware is enabled.
  • Antispyware is up to date.
  • Firewall is enabled.
  • Automatic updating is enabled

For Windows 10, the following were found to pass SOH:
  • Windows Antivirus Enabled
  • Windows Firewall Enabled
  • Windows Automatic update enabled
Note: Only in-built Windows Defender and Firewall can be detected, other vendors applications are not detected.

Pulse Secure is investigating what functionality can be added for SOH Host Checks on Windows 10.  If additional support is needed for Host Checker for the WUAP Pulse client on Windows 10, please contact the regional Sales/Account Team and refer the Enhancement Request (ER) WUA-I-1.
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5.2R6 Pulse Admin Guide - see Chapter 13 for more on the Pulse Secure Universal App (In-Box) VPN client
KB40499 - Support Process for Enhancement Request (ER).
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