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KB40546 - Pulse One On-Premises required and optional ports / URLs

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Last Modified Date4/24/2017 7:48 PM
This article provides a list of ports and URLs used by the Pulse One On-Premises.
Problem or Goal
All communication between Pulse One and PPS\PCS appliances is done over TCP 443.  This is the only port that is required by Pulse One On-Premise to register and communicate between appliances.  The following list of ports are optional unless using the specific feature.
  • TCP 514 Syslog(optional)
  • TLS 6514 Syslog over TLS (optional)
  • TCP 25 SMTP (optional)
  • TCP 2049 NFS (optional)
  • UDP\TCP 53 DNS (optional)
  • UDP\TCP 123 NTP (optional)
  • TCP 22 SSH Management (optional)
  • TCP 8000 To upload a snapshot from Pulse One you need to use a web browser. In 2.0.1902 Pulse One can now preform a browser based upgrade. Pulse One will need TCP 8000 open between itself and the workstation with the package file.
Clustering-Ports between the Active and Passive Pulse One nodes that must be opened:
  • TCP/UDP 500, 4500 Secure channel service
  • TCP 3306 Data store service
  • TCP 9200, 9300 Index service
  • TCP 9210, 9310, 9350 Log indexes
  • TCP 27017 File store

PPS and PCS device communicate to Pulse One using the following URLS:

Post 2.0.1743.1 PPS and PCS appliances will use only the FQDN of the Pulse One appliance to connect to it.

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