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KB40560 - Pulse One On-Premise Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Last Modified Date4/14/2017 8:48 PM
This article provides details about frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Pulse One On-Premise.
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Q: What platform supports Pulse One On-Premise?
A: Only PSA7000 supports Pulse One On-Premise.

Q: What version of the PSA7000 is Pulse One On-Premise available on?
A: Pulse One On-Premise is available on all the latest hardware.

Q: During the initial boot or factory reset, the option for Pulse One On-Premise is not available.  What do I need to do to obtain Pulse One On-Premise?
A: The initial hardware release of PSA7000 did not include Pulse One On-Premise.  If Pulse One On-Premise is needed, please contact support for assistance to resolve this issue.
Q: What version is the factory image for Pulse One On-Premise on a PSA7000?
A:  Pulse One version 2.0.1637.  Prior to completing configuration, all customers should upgrade to the latest Pulse One version.
Q: What is the implication of selecting Pulse One?
A: Once Pulse One On-Premise personality is selected, the device will always remain a Pulse One image regardless if the device is factory reset.
Q: What is the size of the installer for Version 2.0.1649?
A: About 1GB
Q: Will upgrade preserve configuration and data?
A: No, data will be lost and need to provision system again.
Q: Does Pulse One On-Premise support clustering?
A: Yes, it supports Active/Passive but it does not do automatic failover.
Q: Does Pulse One support receiving syslog from appliances?
A: Yes and it can use the local storage and extend to NFS mounted drives.
Q: What is the size for local log storage?
A:  400GB
Q: If clustered, for NFS setup, what is the best practice?
A: Prefer to use 1 NFS mounted drive for each node.
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