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KB40577 - How to merge multiple Pulse connection set to one connection set

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Last Modified Date4/21/2017 6:46 PM
This article provides step by step instructions how to merge multiple Pulse connection set to one connection set.
Problem or Goal
Currently, Pulse Secure does not support merge multiple Pulse connection sets.  The recommendation is to determine a master device to make all connection changes to and push these changes using push configuration or XML import/export to ensure all devices have the same server id.

Before making any changes to the device, please make sure to make a backup of the existing configuration.
  1. Login to PCS admin console.
  2. Navigate to Maintenance > Import/Export > Export XML
  3. Under Pulse Secure client, select the radio button for From SELECTED connections
  4. Select the appropriate connections to export (Steps 2-4 should be taken again of the connections exist on different devices)
  5. Open the XML file in a text editor.
  6. Determine the <server-id> value and make a note of this value
  7. Copy all content between before and after (not including) the <connections> </connections> tags
  8. Paste the content into the second XML file between the <connections> </connections> tags 
  9. Perform a find all for <server-id> and ensure to replace server id with the new value.
  10. Save the modified file
  11. Import XML back to the PCS device
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