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KB40598 - Samba version used in Core Access File Sharing

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Last Modified Date9/22/2017 6:38 AM
This article provides details on the Samba version used in Core Access File Sharing.
Problem or Goal
When Samba v1 is used in the backend file sharing network, Pulse users are able to access files configured as Core Access File Sharing bookmarks through the PCS device, however, if the backend file sharing network uses Samba v2, Pulse users cannot access files.
In the older version of Pulse Secure firmware (until 8.3 R5), the version of Samba supported by Core Access File Sharing through the PCS device is Samba v1.
Starting from firmware version 9.0 R1, we have added support for SMB v2 and v3 protocols.

Please refer the below release notes:
Page no: 7

"SMB v2/v3 with File Browsing
The file browsing module has been enhanced to support the SMB v2 and v3 protocols. Microsoft has deprecated SMB v1 and has been urging the community to move to v2/v3."
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