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KB40607 - KVM Virtual Appliance Interface speed show only 10 Mb/s

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Last Modified Date5/5/2017 3:03 PM
This article describes an issue where KVM based virtual appliances shows only 10Mb/s speed while network supports higher speed.
Problem or Goal
When using KVM based virtual appliance the link speed shows as 10Mb/s under the Network Overview page in the Admin GUI. However, the interfaces are capable of greater link speed.
This issue occurs when using virtio drivers based network interfaces.  This will cause ethtool to get 10Mbps only when VA boots up.

Additionally, in the VA console under the Network options we will not have the selection menu for Link speed, and it will bypass it and go to MTU.
To resolve this issue, use ‘e1000’ NIC device drivers instead of 'virtio' drivers in the guest setting. This can be accomplished using the ‘Virsh’ command line utility or the VMM console for KVM.

After this change is made, please reboot (Force Off) the VA from the KVM console. After using the Shutdown option (not just system restart from the VA console) for the new VM settings to get applied.

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