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KB40642 - Steps to move configuration from a physical license server to Virtual License Server (VLS) in 8.3R1

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Last Modified Date5/26/2017 7:58 PM
This article provides step-by-step instructions how to migrate configuration from a physical license server to a Virtual License Server (VLS).
Problem or Goal
Note:  Since the hardware id will change, migration of licenses between the physical license server and VLS is not supported .Also, make sure the VLS has the Server license to manage license members and Consec/Polsec licenses first installed before importing XML.
  1. From the physical license server, login to the admin console
  2. Navigate to Maintenance > Import/Export > Export XML
  3. Under Configuration section, select the checkbox for Licenses
  4. Click Export
Export XML from hardware license server
  1. Using a text editor, change the XML configuration version on top of the XML file and replace it with below for 8.3R1 (note that this can change depending on the version of 8.3 being used. To know, export XML from the target VLS and check the configuration values and use it if different):
<configuration xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" 
iveData="2807" saData="2705">
  1. Edit the XML to delete the following lines below and all other references to SA or MAG devices as exampled below:
XML edit to remove SA/MAG
  1. Import the XML to the VLS and all license clients configuration should be restored.
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