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KB40653 - Lease licensing fails with "License server low-level protocol error, Code = [35] :SSL connect error"

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Last Modified Date5/30/2017 4:19 AM
This article describes an issue where the license server fails to lease the licenses to the license client with the following message "License server low-level protocol error, Code = [35] :SSL connect error".
Problem or Goal
When attempting to lease licenses to a license client, the following message will appear in the event log: 
2017-05-16 12:29:56 - ive - [] Root::System()[] - 
License server low-level protocol error, server=X.X.X.X, 
Code = [35] :SSL connect error
This issue occurs due to the SSL handshake failure between the license client and the license server.
To resolve this issue, the license server and license client must support the same cipher suites options. For example, if the license server has security ciphers as TLS1.1 and above enabled, ensure the license client has the same TLS1.1 or above versions configured.
If Accept only TLS1.2 and later is enabled on the license server and TLS and above is enabled on the license client, an SSL handshake failure will occur.  This will be due to the license client is attempting to connect via a TLS protocol which is not supported by the license server.
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