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KB40677 - Recover cluster password for Pulse Connect Secure or Pulse Policy Secure

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Last Modified Date7/24/2017 3:52 PM
This article provides the recommended steps to recover a cluster password that is not known.
Problem or Goal
Pulse Secure does not have any access to the cluster password as this data is securely encrypted on the device.  If the password is forgotten, the recommendation is the follow the steps below:

Special consideration for Active / Passive cluster

  • This procedure will temporarily remove the VIP from an A/P cluster. This will cause a brief interruption in service to active users on the device.  Therefore, it is recommended to schedule a maintenance window for the join node operation.

Steps to remove the current cluster configuration and recreate it with a new cluster password:

  1. Sign in directly to the node that the cluster was originally created on.  This will be the node listed first in the cluster configuration.  Take a screenshot of the existing settings including the nodes IP address, subnet masks and gateways, as well as the internal and external VIP IP addresses as they will be removed and will need to be re-entered in Step 6.
  2. ​Navigate to Clustering > Cluster Status 
  3. Remove each node individually by placing a check mark next to the node and click Remove
  4. Remove all nodes from the cluster, including the node you are currently logged into.  This will remove the cluster configuration.

To create a cluster, refer to the Creating a Cluster section in the admin guide.
To join a cluster, refer to the Add a node to a cluster through the admin console in the admin guide.
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