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KB40694 - Certificate restriction with Pulse Mobile for iOS

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Last Modified Date6/16/2017 4:19 AM
This article provides step-by-step instructions how to configure certificate restriction for Pulse Mobile for iOS.
Problem or Goal
If end user will be using the Safari browser to login to the Pulse Connect Secure device, no additional configuration is required.  The following steps are provided if the end user will be utilizing the Pulse Mobile for iOS app and will need to configure a certificate to pass a certificate restriction policy.

For PCS administrator looking for information how to configure a certificate restriction policy on the Pulse Connect Secure device, please refer to the following link.
  1. From the Pulse Mobile app, create a connection or edit an existing connection
  2. Click the option for Authentication
  3. Select the option for Certificate
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  1. From the list, select the corresponding certificate
  2. Click < Back
  3. Click Save
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