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KB40712 - Virtual Appliance (VA-SPE) does not have license server configuration tab in 8.3R1 and above

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Last Modified Date6/23/2017 5:06 AM
This article describes reason why there is no license server configuration tab for VA SPE in 8.3R1 and above.
Problem or Goal
When accessing the administrator console, the Configure server option does not exist and only seeing a Configure clients options available.
This issue occurs due to selecting Y during the initial setup of the VA-SPE. In 8.3R1 and above, Virtual License Server option was added. If Y is selected for "Do you want to enable Virtual License Server", then the image will be Virtual License Server (VLS) instead of VA-SPE.
VLS prompt
To resolve this issue, clear the configuration and re-configure the virtual appliance via serial console, responding with "n" for the VLS prompt.

Summary of steps:​
  1. Backup configurations and licenses
  2. Clear configurations
  3. Re-configure with disabled Virtual License Server (VLS) functionality

Step 1:  Backing up configurations:

  1. Export binary user.cfg
User backup
  1. Export binary system.cfg
Backup system
  1. Export XML All system settings except licenses
  1. Copy the licenses installed in the system (if any) in a text document

Step 2:  Clearing configurations:

  1. Connect and open application for serial console
  2. Choose menu option 4. System Operations > option 6. Clear all configuration data at this Pulse Connect Secure
Clear config option
  1. Confirm clearing of configurations

Step 3:  Re-configuring the Virtual Appliance (SPE)

  1. Using serial console, follow setup prompts but answer NO "n" to the Virtual License Server setup prompt
VLS setup prompt from serial console
  1. Finish the configurations and login to admin web console
  2. Import system.cfg binary file except network settings but include "certificate" (this will disconnect your session so login again)
  3. Import the XML all systems (except license) file
  4. Import the user.cfg binary configuration
  5. Install the licenses that were backed up earlier
  6. Check the Configure Server tab as follows:
Server license

This completes the restore process.  

You can now register client to server.  See the 8.3 License Management Guide for more information about setting up clients and server.
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