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KB40722 - Pulse One Appliance log aggregator feature

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Last Modified Date6/28/2017 10:20 PM
This article provides frequently asked questions about log aggregator feature.
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Q: How does Pulse One appliance tag / identify the logs? 
A: Pulse One uses the management IP address of the PCS / PPS device. In the Pulse One admin UI, the management IP address will appear in the “Source” column. If the management port is not configured, then internal port will be used. For an example, refer to screenshot below:

User-added image

Q: What will happen if the keep-days will be changed to 1. 
A: By default, the keep_days is set to 30 days. All logs older than 30 days will be deleted. Pulse One starts reusing the old log storage space – effectively overwriting the older files. If keep_days is changed to 1 day, logs will not appear older than a day old.
Note:  There is a known issue where older entries are not getting properly deleted and can be found when the logs are searched. We are currently tracking this issue and this KB will be updated once the fix for this issue is available.  

Q: Does the 'Date Range' for searching the logs reflect the keep_days?
A: No, the date range for log filtering doesn’t reflect the keep_days configuration setting. It should not find any messages that are older than keep_days setting.

Q: When changing the keep_days setting, it gives warning that 'All services will be stopped if currently running.' Does the services restart automatically?
A: No, admin needs to manually restart all the services. A future software release will reflect this message more clearly. 
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