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KB40749 - PSA7000 Network interface LED and admin network interfaces status using SFP+ 1Gb/s copper transceivers

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Last Modified Date7/17/2017 3:29 AM
This article briefly describes LED and Admin UI network status when using SFP+ 1Gb/s copper transceiver.
Problem or Goal
In PSA7000f, customers can use a 1Gb/s SFP+ copper transceivers instead of using the fiber SFP+ transceivers.  With the use of copper SFP+ transceivers, there are 2 distinguishable behaviors on network interface status, both physically and functionally as follows:
  • Network interface card link activity and speed LED indicators appear as if there is a copper ethernet cable connected to the RJ-45 port as both LED indicators turn on with or without  cable connected.  This is normal as shown below:
SFP Copper status

Note that in a non-SFP RJ-45 ethernet port, the LEDs do not come on unless a cable is plugged in.
  • Admin UI network status displays negotiated speed of 1000Mb/s and advanced port settings presenting 2 options - Auto and 1000Mb/s Full Duplex:
Admin UI Overview Status


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