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KB40792 - Host checker fails to load with Pulse Secure Desktop client with "Error -2147024891 getting IDSAccessService" in the debuglog.log

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Last Modified Date6/26/2018 9:11 PM
This article describes an issue where Host Checker component with the Pulse Secure Desktop client with "Error -2147024891 getting IDSAccessService" in the debuglog.log.
Problem or Goal
In the debuglog.log, the following entries will appear:
PulseSecureService.exe dsAccessService p5100 t1014 ServiceBinding.cpp:32 - 
'AccessService' Error -2147024891 getting IDSAccessService
PulseSecureService.exe dsAccessService p5040 t14A0 accessPluginLoaderWin.cpp:77 - 
'AccessService' plugin HostCheckerService exited w/out acknowledging service
PulseSecureService.exe dsAccessService p5040 t14A0 accessPluginLoader.cpp:611 - 
'AccessService' trying to create instance on plugin HostCheckerService while in state 1
PulseSecureService.exe eapService p5040 t14A0 accessServiceApi.cpp:131 - 
'AccessServiceProxy' createInstance of plugin HostCheckerService failed with error 0xe00103ee
PulseSecureService.exe eapService p5040 t14A0 HostCheckerClient.cpp:37 - 
'start' Failed to get V2 interface  will try with V1: 1006

According to Microsoft documentation, -2147024891 means Access Denied.
This issue occurs due to incorrect permissions for the DCOM settings in the group policy.
When the DCOM settings are applied in the group policy for the user, host checker fails to launch with Pulse Secure Desktop client.  The DCOM settings exists in the following group policy path:

Computer configuration > Policies > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options:
  • DCOM: Machine Access Restrictions In Security Descriptor Definition Language Syntax
  • DCOM: Machine Launch Restrictions In Security Descriptor Definition Language Syntax

Below are the corresponding registry settings on the client machine which indicates that the DCOM group policy is applied.
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsNT\DCOM\MachineAccessRestriction
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsNT\DCOM\MachineLaunchRestriction

To resolve this issue, add the users to the group "Distributed COM Users".
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