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KB40808 - Cluster VIP fails over occur when active node becomes unreachable, the fails over again when the node becomes reachable again

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Last Modified Date7/23/2017 7:35 PM
This article describes an issue where the cluster VIP fails over twice when a node becomes unreachable and reachable again.
Problem or Goal
In a active / passive cluster, the cluster VIP may fail over twice under the following conditions:
  • Active node becomes unreachable (due to multiple factors), then the cluster vip will fail over the passive node
  • Once the node becomes reachable, the cluster vip will fail over back to the original node
This issue is only applicable to the following releases:
  • 8.2R1 to 8.2R2
  • 8.1R1 to 8.1R8
This issue occurs due to a behavior change of vip ownership starting in 8.1 release.
To resolve this issue, the recommendation is to upgrade to 8.2R3+ or 8.1R9+. A code change was made to ensure the behavior is similar to 8.0RX and below where the VIP remains on the existing node once the problematic node becomes reachable again.
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