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KB40834 - How to configure HTML5 Access bookmark using multi-value user attributes

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Last Modified Date7/28/2017 10:17 PM
This article provide details on how to configure HTML5 Access bookmark using multi-valued attributes.
Problem or Goal
To configure the HTML5 Access bookmarks using a multi-valued attribute, LDAP server should be configured as User Directory/Attribute on the user realm.  In this example, the attribute <userattr.otherMobile> will be used.
  1. Navigate to Users > Resource Profiles > HTML5 Access
  2. Click New Profile
  3. Under HTML5 Access Resource Profiles, in the Host field, enter the multi-valued attribute, i.e <userattr.otherMobile>.
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  1. Map it to user role
  2. Click Save Changes
  3. Click Bookmarks tab
  4. Change the bookmark name to <userattr.otherMobile>
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  1. Navigate to Realm > Role Mapping > Rule
  2. In the LDAP Auth server, click Server Catalog > Attributes
  3. Add the multi-valued attribute to the server catalog.  This step is required or the attribute will not be pulled during authentication.
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  1. Click OK

Configuring attribute on Active Directory:

  1. From the AD server, navigate to Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Right-click a user account, then click Properties
  3. Select Attribute Editor tab
  4. From the list of attributes, find the attribute to modify
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  1. Click Edit
  2. In the Value to add field, enter the list of IP addresses of the remote workstations
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  1. Click OK
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