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KB40863 - Admin sign-in page fails to load in IE with a prompt to download file named "admin" instead of loading sign-in page

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Last Modified Date2/16/2018 1:08 AM
This article describes an issue with Pulse One (on-prem) where the admin attempts to connect to the admin sign-in URL using IE browser with an untrusted certificate and after accepting the certificate warning the browser prompts to download a file named "admin" but the attempt to download the file fails and the page stays stuck on the certificate warning.  
Problem or Goal
Pulse One on-premise appliance has been connected to the network and configured with with the correct IP addresses and ports to reach the sign-in page, however, when connecting to the login page in IE browser by IP address or by a host name other than what was originally provisioned, a certificate warning is displayed and upon accepting the warning the browser prompts with the following file download:


Do you want to open or save admin (37 bytes) from <host>

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Upon accepting the file download by clicking "Save" or "Open" the file download fails with the following error:
admin couldn't be downloaded

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This issue can occur under the following conditions:
  • The device certificate is not trusted in the browser AND the admin has not accepted the warning for,, and
  • The admin is browsing to the sign-in page via IP address instead of host name. 
  • The sign-in host name has not provisioned. (i.e. The domain was provisioned but the admin sign-in page host name was not provisioned.)
  • If the CA of the device certificate is untrusted or a self-signed device certificate is being used AND the Pulse One device is running a version older that 1743, open a browser and connect to api.<> and ui.<> (where <> is the domain registered to the device host name) and accept the certificate warnings.
  • If attempting to connect by IP address, use the provisioned host name instead.
  • If connecting to a different host name or domain than the host name or domain that was provisioned, either provision the host name OR connect to the provisioned host name. 
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