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KB40898 - How to upgrade or modify memory for VA-SPE from 2GB to higher?

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Last Modified Date12/10/2017 7:34 PM
This article provides step-by-step instructions how to upgrade the memory of VA-SPE on ESXi Server from 2GB to 4GB/8GB for a virtual appliance that is running pre-8.2 (OVF version) running post 8.2 version.
Problem or Goal
When upgrading the memory from 2GB to higher, the VA-SPE will fail to boot properly with multiple error messages in the serial console.


This method is applicable to VA-SPE, which is deployed with pre-8.2 OVF and running post 8.2 version.
  1. Power off the VM.
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  1. Right-click the virtual machine and select Edit Settings
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  1. Under Hardware tab, select SCSI controller
  2. Click Change Type
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  1. Change the Controller type setting to LSILogic Parallel
  2. Click Save Changes
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  1. Click Options tab
  2. Select General Options
  3. From the Version drop-down, select Other (64Bit)
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  1. Click OK
  2. From the Hardware tab, change Memory Size to the desired size
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  1. Click Save Changes
  2. Power On the VM
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