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KB40960 - No entry in the Access log when Touch ID is used to authenticate a user

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Last Modified Date9/26/2017 2:38 PM
This article describes an issue with logging Touch ID authentication.
Problem or Goal
Touch ID is enabled for user authentication on Pulse iOS as described in KB40319 - How to enable / disable Touch ID feature for Pulse Mobile for iOS? but the Access log entries do not record if Touch ID was used during the authentication.


Touch ID allows the usage of the stored username and password credentials at the touch of a valid fingerprint.
The Pulse iOS client sends the credentials to the PCS but does not include any information that would allow the PCS to determine if Touch ID was used so in the Access log it appears as if the user entered the credentials without any indication that Touch ID was used.
Currently there is no way to determine from the PCS logs whether Touch ID was used by a user during authentication.

If you would like to have this feature included in a future Pulse release please contact your Pulse Sales team and request to be added to the open Enhancement Request (ER) IOS-I-17.
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