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KB40967 - Pulse Secure Desktop client is unable to connect with "HTTP connection failed 1 10060" message in debuglog.log

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Last Modified Date9/27/2017 4:59 AM
This article describes an issue where Pulse Secure Desktop client is unable to make a successful connection to Pulse Connect Secure device with "HTTP connection failed 1 10060" messages in debuglog.log.
Problem or Goal
When Pulse Secure Desktop client attempts to connect to a Pulse Connect Secure device, the following messages will appear in the debuglog.log:
PulseSecureService.exe iftProvider p13088 t2E98 iftProvider.cpp:1843 - 'iftProvider' 
HTTP connection failed 1 10060
PulseSecureService.exe iveConnectionMethod p13088 t2E98 connInstance.cpp:2009 - 'iveConnectionMethod' 
Setting state to retry-connect
PulseSecureService.exe iveConnectionMethod p13088 t2E98 connInstance.cpp:1664 - 'iveConnectionMethod' 
Error Connecting channel.  Stage 514 Error 9 0x9
PulseSecureService.exe iveConnectionMethod p13088 t2E98 connInstance.cpp:2468 - 'iveConnectionMethod' 
Queuing schedule retry 9 0
The error code of 10060 is referring to a connection timeout.
This issue can occur for multiple reasons:
  • Firewall between Pulse Secure Desktop client and Pulse Connect Secure device is blocking tcp port 443
  • Proxy between Pulse Secure Desktop client and Pulse Connect Secure device may not allow tcp port 443 traffic
  • General network connectivity issues
To help root cause this issue, run wireshark on the problematic machine to capture packets between the Pulse Desktop client and the Pulse Connect Secure device. It is recommended to filter the capture using the public ip address of the PCS device using "ip.address==<public_ip_of_PCS>".

The capture will help clarify if a 3-way tcp handshake is occurring or if only multiple SYN packets are sent from the client machine. If only SYN packets are sent, multiple packet captures may be required on each network hop to confirm where the packet is getting dropped or lost.

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