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KB40981 - How to capture web traffic using fiddler web debugging tool to help debug rewrite issues

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Last Modified Date9/28/2017 10:02 PM
This article provides step-by-step instructions how to capture web traffic using fiddler web debugging tool to help debug rewrite issues.
Problem or Goal
Fiddler Web debugger is a free tool that allows debugging of web applications by capturing network traffic between the endpoint and the backend web server. This tool has the functionality to inspect incoming and outgoing data before the browser receives them. Due to this fact, fiddler will save a offline copy of each request and response and does allow Pulse Secure to replicate rewrite issues remotely.


​Step 1: Configure Fiddler

  1. Open Fiddler application
  2. From the task bar, click Tools > Options
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  1. Click HTTPS tab
  2. Click the checkbox for Capture HTTPS CONNECTS and Decrypt HTTPS traffic
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  1. A prompt will appear to trust a fiddler root certificate and click Yes
  2. A window prompt will appear to install the certificate and click Yes
  3. Click OK
  4. From the task bar, click File
  5. Ensure a checkbox is present by Capture Traffic
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Once fiddler is configured, navigate to the problematic website directly (not using the Pulse Connect Secure device) using any browser in Private browsing or Incognito mode. This will help prevent scripts, stylesheets and other web content from being cached which could cause issues to replay the web content remotely.

Step 2: Download direct capture

  1. From the task bar, click File
  2. Click Save > All Sessions
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  1. In the filename field, enter friendly name (i.e. DirectAccess)
  2. Click Save
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Please save the file locally and attach the file to the support case at

Most fiddler traces will allow Pulse Secure Support to debug rewrite issues remotely.  However, if certain data is dynamic generated and unique for each action, replaying an fiddler trace will fail.  In these cases, Pulse SAM will be required to debug these issues.  For more information to configure Pulse SAM access, refer to KB40426 - How to configure Pulse based SAM access to assist Pulse Secure team to debug rewrite issues​.
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