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KB41006 - Configuring VPN Connection Profile to assign IPv6 addresses to Pulse Secure Client Virtual Adapter

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Last Modified Date10/9/2017 11:20 AM
This article provides details on pre-requisites and  instructions on how to configure VPN Connection Profile to assign IPv6 address to clients running Pulse Client software.
Problem or Goal
Assign an IPv6 address to a client running Pulse Client software.

The PCS appliance will not allocate IPv6 addresses to clients unless IPv6 is enabled on Internal Port and a valid address is configured.

To configure the same, go to Network>Internal Port, check box for "Enable IPv6" and configure a routable IPv6 address, such as a global unicast address which is reachable via your network IPv6 resources. Automatic configuration methods are not supported. Also specify the Prefix length and Default Gateway accordingly:

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Note: Updating the above setting causes the device to restart some services and all connections to the device will be affected for a few seconds. Also, the device will generate a link local address automatically.

To configure the IPv6 address to be assigned to Pulse Secure Client Virtual Adapter:
  • Go to Users>Resource Policies>VPN Tunneling>Connection Profiles.
  • Create a new profile or select an existing one, select checkbox "Enable IPv6 address assignment to clients" under "IPv6 address assignment" section in page, one per line.
  • Currently, address assignment by a DHCPv6 server is not supported and only a static IPv6 address pool can be configured.
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For more information on supported scenarios,refer 

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