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KB41022 - Product Support Notification for Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) and Profiler License Generation

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Last Modified Date11/30/2017 5:50 PM
This article provides information about changes in use and license requirement for Profiler functionality on upcoming Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) 5.4R3 release.
Problem or Goal
With the upcoming release of Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) 5.4R3, access to profiler functionality on Pulse Secure Appliance (PSA) platforms will require a Profiler License to unlock Profiler feature. MAG Platforms do not support profiler functionality.

Important Note:

Please make sure to procure the required Profiler license before you upgrade to Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) 5.4R3. If you upgrade without having the Profiler license, you will no longer have access to the Profiler features. 

Grandfathering Profiler License:

Pulse Secure will offer grandfathering of profiler licenses to customers with a valid support contract, who have purchased PSA appliances and POLSEC licenses (100 or more) or Profiler licenses only after July’ 2016.

How to procure License:

The Grandfathered Profiler License will be made available on Pulse Secure Licensing and Download Center when Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) 5.4R3 is officially released.  Customer are advised to procure the license before upgrading and then apply the license post upgrade.

To generate the license:

  1. Navigate to Pulse Secure Licensing and Download Center
  2. ​If you have received Authorization codes for the Profiler License SKU's, please refer to KB40032 - [Customer Support Tools] How to generate a license using the Licensing & Download Center at

If you have not received the Authorization codes, alternative way to lookup the available licenses is as follows:

  1. Navigate to Software & Services > Search Licensable Products

User-added image

  1. From the search drop-down, select SKU
User-added image
  1. In the For field, enter PS-PROFILER-*
  2. From the Accounts drop-down, select All Accounts
  3. Click Search Line Items
User-added image
  1. From the results list, select the appropriate Entitlement ID
  2. Select Licenses for this asset


Q1: Which licenses will be made available and required for Profiler functionality on Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) 5.4R3 and above:


If you have purchased:
  • PSA300/3000 with 100 POLSEC license or more, you will receive/require PS-PROFILER-RADIUS-SM 
  • PSA5000 with 500 POLSEC license or more, you will receive/require PS-PROFILER-RADIUS-MD 
  • PSA7000 with 1000 POLSEC license or more, you will receive/require PS-PROFILER-RADIUS-LG

Q2: What if I have purchased PSA appliances and POLSEC licenses (100 or more) or Profiler licenses only before July’ 2016?

Answer: Please contact your Sales team to purchase appropriate profiler license.

Q3: What if I am not seeing the license at the time of Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) 5.4R3 release:

Answer: Please contact Pulse Secure Technical Support with the serial # of the appliance and associated Right to Use (RTU) Certificate. Please allow at least 1 week for the processing of the license. For details how to contact Pulse Secure Technical Support, refer to
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