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KB41030 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PSA-V (Virtual Appliance) in 8.3R3/5.4R3 and higher version of PCS/PPS software

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Last Modified Date4/9/2018 10:25 PM
This article provides information about PSA-V (virtual appliance) in 8.3R3/5.4R3 and higher versions of PCS/PPS software.
Problem or Goal
Starting with PCS 8.3R3 & PPS 5.4R3, PSA-V virtual appliances (formerly known as SPE) require a platform license to identity the type of PSA platform (PSA3000-V, PSA5000-V or PSA7000-V)

Note:  VLS is a separate function and is not being referenced here but PCS/PPS personality of PSA-V platform.

Available Platform licenses:

  • PSA3000-V-1YR or PSA3000-V-3YR supports a two vCPU and up to 200 users
  • PSA5000-V-1YR or PSA5000-V-3YR supports a four vCPU and up to 2500 users
  • PSA7000-V-1YR or PSA7000-V-3YR supports a eight vCPU and up to 25,000 users
For more information, please refer to the Pulse Connect Secure data sheet 

Licensing FAQ:

Q1: Is a license server or virtual license server (VLS) required to deploy a PSA-V virtual appliance similar to the VA-SPE?
A: No. License server is no longer a requirement to deploy PSA-V virtual appliances. The platform license and user licenses can be installed directly to the PSA-V using the authorization code (see Q6 for steps).

Q2: Can a license server or virtual license server (VLS) lease user licenses to PSA-V virtual appliances?
A: Yes. The administrator has both options to lease user licenses from a license server or install directly on each PSA-V (without a license server) via auth codes.

Q3: Can platform licenses be leased by a license server to multiple PSA-V?
A: No. Platform licenses must be installed on each PSA-V virtual appliance via auth codes.

Q4: If a previous virtual appliance (formerly called VA-SPE) is upgraded to 8.3R3/5.4R3, will a platform license be required?
A: No. Any previous VA-SPE upgrading to 8.3R3/5.4R3 will remain functional without a platform license.  However, that PSA-V  will require a platform license in the next major release (9.0R1).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the upgraded appliance is cleared of configs (Menu Option 4 > Sub-menu Option 6), you will need to install the PSA Platform License, so please do not clear configs if you do not have a PSAxxx-V license.

Q5: Can user licenses take effect without platform license installed?
A: No, even if the user licenses like CONSEC or POLSEC licenses get installed, number of users remains at 2 until platform license is installed (only for direct 8.3R3/5.4R3 OVF deployment).

Q6: How do I install a platform license or user license on PSA-V?

  1. Login to admin console
  2. Navigate to System > Licensing > Download Licenses
  3. Under On demand license downloads, enter the authentication (auth) code for each license in the text box field
  4. Click Download and Install



Q7: When deploying PSA-V, clustering options are not available.  What is the problem?
A: All features are not available unless a platform license is installed on the PSA-V virtual appliance.

Example of clustering status without platform license:

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