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KB41049 - VA-SPE upgrade fails from 8.2R5.1 to a higher version with the message "Unable to run boot scripts, you will need to do a rollback(10)"

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Last Modified Date12/10/2017 7:34 PM
This article describes an issue where upgrading a VA-SPE (using a OVF template) from 8.2R5.1 to a higher version the following message "Unable to run boot scripts, you will need to do a rollback(10)".
Problem or Goal
When upgrading a VA-SPE running 8.2R5.1 or below that was deployed with an OVF template to a higher version, the upgrade will fail will the following error message:
Step 6: Failed to export configuration data

From the serial console, the error message will state:
unable to import user data
Import failure is fatal at /home/bin/dsimporttail line 246.
Unable to import data! Sorry.
Shutting down network...
Unable to run boot scripts, you will need to do a rollback(10)

When attempting to upgrade to 8.3RX, the upgrade does not start.

Additional symptoms are the following:
  • Importing the XML configuration from such an appliance to a VA which runs higher version of the software fails
This issue occurs due to a disk partition size limitation within the virtual appliance when  deployed using the OVF template.  To confirm this scenario, check if the factory reset version 7.X or 8.0RX.

Pulse Secure apologizes for the inconvenience this issue has caused and has worked to resolve this issue in the latest PSA-V releases. To workaround this issue, please use one of the following methods:

Workaround 1:

  • Deploy a fresh VA-SPE using an OVF template. The system/user binary configuration can be exported from the faulty VA-SPE to the new VA-SPE

Workaround 2:

  • If multiple VA-SPE are impacted, Pulse Secure has developed a migration script to help migrate to a later version of the VA-SPE.  Please contact Pulse Secure Support for obtain the migration script and will provide step-by-step instructions and assistance how to properly use the script.
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