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KB43590 - XML import fails with error "Invalid value for identifier server"

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Last Modified Date8/27/2018 11:32 PM
This article describes an issue where importing a system config using the XML fails with error "Invalid value for identifier server".  
Problem or Goal
When importing the XML of the system config, if the file contains a syslog server with a custom port specified with the syslog server IP address, the import fails with the following errors: 
XML import failed

Detailed Information:



Invalid value for identifier server.


Invalid Address:

[/configuration/system/log/user-access-log-settings/syslog[node = "localhost2"]/syslog-servers/syslog-server]

Merge-Create: Create instance failed.


This issue due to a bug in the PCS software which caused the port field to be read-in as part of the server IP address.  
This issue is fixed in the following releases:

8.2R12 and up
8.3R5 and up
9.0R1 and up
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