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KB43593 - Pulse Desktop client for Linux VPN tunnel is terminated unexpectedly when using ESP transport mode

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Last Modified Date9/12/2018 12:33 AM
This  article describes an issue with Pulse Desktop client on Linux OS where the VPN tunnel is terminated unexpectedly when ESP transport mode is used.
Problem or Goal
This issue has the following symptoms:
  • When users are connected to the Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) gateway using Pulse for Linux and the transport mode is ESP, the connection is dropping unexpectedly.
  • The tunnel disconnects unexpectedly while traffic is actively being sent over the VPN tunnel.
  • The User Access log on the appliance does not provide any clues as to why the tunnel was disconnected. 
  • When the VPN Connection Profile is configured to use SSL only, the issue does not occur.
  • Users on macOS and Windows platforms are able to maintain a VPN tunnel over ESP without an issue.

The PCS gateway expects KEEP_ALIVE messages from the connected client.  If these are not received, the connection is terminated.

This issue affects Pulse Desktop client 5.3R2 and 5.3R1 where there are no TCP KEEP_ALIVE update sent to the PCS device.

This issue is fixed in Pulse Desktop client 5.3R3 and up which introduces a scheduled keep_alive for the Pulse adapter for Linux OS that is not reliant on the system TCP settings. 
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