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KB43595 - Pulse connection fails with error "Authentication rejected by server (Error 1308) on MacOS

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Last Modified Date1/5/2018 12:23 AM
This article describes an issue with XML import where importing the realm settings from a working device causes corruption in the realm settings on the target devices which results in a connection failure when attempting to connect to the auth realm via the Pulse client on MacOS.
Problem or Goal
Using Pulse One to publish a user configuration from a master device to multiple targets one of realms on one target device stopped working.  Upon clicking "Connect" in the Pulse client to sign-in, the sign-in page would not load and instead the user would see the following error: 

Connection Refused

Authentication Rejected by server (Error 1308)

User-added image

Deleting and recreating the affected realm corrects the problem.
When using Pulse One to publish the configuration,  parameters with a nil value in the target may explicitly get set with a value of '0' instead of using the setting in the master config, which results in a configuration mismatch and can cause errors upon connecting to the realm.  

In this specific case, the value for the password expiration attribute in the authentication realm had a value of '14' in the master config, but when the config was imported to the target, the value got set to '0'.  Due to this different in the configuration, access to the authentication realm was denied, and this resulted in the error.
This issue is fixed in PCS OS 8.3R3 and up.
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