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KB43613 - Is JSAM supported on Linux Ubuntu?

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Last Modified Date1/17/2018 5:58 PM
This article provides details on the requirements to support JSAM on Linux Ubuntu with PCS OS 8.3.  For releases other than PCS 8.3, the solution section should still apply since the dependency is client-side.
Problem or Goal
Is JSAM supported on Linux Ubuntu?
What is required to run JSAM on Linux Ubuntu?
The Pulse Secure Supported Platform Guide lists the following support for JSAM:

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Is Ubuntu Linux included as one of the multiple platforms and if so, what is required for JSAM to run?
Pulse Connect Secure 8.2R1 introduced a new mechanism, “Pulse Application Launcher” (PAL), for launching and installing Pulse Secure clients from a web browser which have deprecated Java Plugin, ActiveX technologies and have restrictions on Java, however, PSAL is not supported on Linux Ubuntu so Java is still required to run JSAM on Linux Ubuntu. 
(Refer to the Supported Platforms Guide for PSAL support on specific Linux OS's.)

To run JSAM on Linux Ubuntu follow these steps:

1.  Download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment from
2.  Download and install the latest browser plugin from
3.  Use a Java-enabled browser such as Chrome or Firefox and enable Java in the browser.  
4.  Launch JSAM and accept or allow any Java security prompts that popup.

For Linux platforms other than Ubuntu, JSAM is supported as long as the above-mentioned requirements are met.  

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