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KB43617 - [VA-SPE] Upgrading the VMware Hardware Version for a PCS/PPS Virtual Appliance

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Last Modified Date2/27/2018 10:35 AM
This Article provides information on upgrading the VMWare Hardware Version for a PCS/PPS Virtual Appliance.
Problem or Goal
Recently, VMware reported a security Vulnerability CVE-2017-5715. The VMware Team has recommended to upgrade the VM Hardware Version to at least 9 on the above vulnerability. Currently,  the PCS/PPS SPE package has the VMWare Hardware version as 7 which is older and the latest ESXi 6.5 Server supports till 13 version.We have the version as 7 in order to maintain compatibility with older ESXI versions.

We can modify the VMWare Hardware version in the OVF file before deploying on the ESXi Server to the required version.After modification and deployment, we should see the VMware Hardware Version successfully changed.

 Below is the snippet taken from the OVF in which we are modifying the change to 12 highlighted.

        <vssd:ElementName>Virtual Hardware Family</vssd:ElementName>

User-added image

Below screenshot shows PCS SPE Package showing the VMware Hardware version changed to "12"

User-added image
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