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KB43628 - Docker software's virtual adapter is being identified as physical, breaking wireless suppression

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Last Modified Date2/12/2018 7:24 PM
This article describes an issue where the native Wifi adapter gets disabled permanently when Pulse Secure wireless suppression is used on a machine that uses virtualization software that creates virtual switches and/or adapters on the system.
Problem or Goal
This issue can occur under the following conditions: 
  • Endpoint is running Windows 10.
  • Virtualization software, such as Microsoft virtualization is installed with virtual switches or adapters.
  • Pulse is installed with wireless suppression enabled.
  • When machine first boots the WiFi adapter is enabled and user connects with Pulse over WiFi.
  • Once the user disconnects the Pulse connection the WiFi adapter is turned off.
  • User may or may not be able to manually enable the WiFi adapter.
  • Disabling the "connected" virtual switch or virtual adapter from Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings menu re-enables the WiFi adapter but once the machine is rebooted, the virtual switch or adapters get reconnected automatically and the problem returns.
Virtual adapters include an identification tag as "vms_mp" which should be treated by Pulse as virtual adapters, but instead, Pulse is treating them as physical adapters and attempts to manage them with wireless suppression.

Debug log excerpt under LogsAndDiagnostics\Logs\ProgramData\debuglog.log :

00178,09 2017/04/18 14:45:15.780 4 SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe 8021xAccessMethod p39784 tE494 8021xAccessMethod_win.cpp:229 - '8021xAccessMethod' Adapter characteristics=161 id=vms_mp
00177,09 2017/04/18 14:45:15.780 3 SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe 8021xAccessMethod p39784 tE494 8021xAccessMethod_win.cpp:244 - '8021xAccessMethod' Classify as physical adapter: vms_mp
00221,09 2017/04/18 14:45:15.784 3 SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe 8021xAccessMethod p39784 tE494 8021xAccessMethod_win.cpp:392 - '8021xAccessMethod' Wired 7cf56053-277f-4a89-b66b-a65ab77ae386 desc Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter
00194,09 2017/04/18 14:45:15.785 4 SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe 8021xAccessMethod p39784 tE494 8021xAccessMethod_win.cpp:412 - '8021xAccessMethod' mac 00:15:5d:4b:01:0e alias vEthernet (DockerNAT)
This issue is fixed in Pulse 5.3R5 and 9.0R1.
This is a client-side issue and does not require and upgrade to the PCS OS.  Only the Pulse desktop client needs to be upgraded.

Go to the Software Download Center to download Pulse 5.3R5.
Refer to KB40028 for instructions on downloading software.

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