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KB43649 - Pulse connection gets disconnected when switching Windows profiles or closing an RDP session that a Pulse connection is active in.

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Last Modified Date2/27/2018 2:54 AM
This article describes a change that was made starting with Pulse 5.3R4 and later, where an active Pulse connection gets disconnected when switching profiles on the local PC or if an RDP session is closed with an active Pulse VPN connection established.  
Problem or Goal
Starting with Pulse 5.3R4 a Pulse connection will be disconnected by the PCS device under the following conditions: 
  • A user switches to a different Windows profile using the "switch user" option without logging off first. 
  • A user disconnects or closes an RDP session, without logging off first, with an active Pulse VPN tunnel connected on the remote host.
  • An RDP session is terminated, without logging off first, with an active Pulse VPN tunnel connected on the remote host. 
In Pulse versions prior to 5.3R4 the VPN tunnel would still be connected after switching profiles or reconnecting to the remote host.  
Starting with Pulse 5.3R4 an active VPN connection will be disconnected when a user switches profiles from the local console or disconnects an RDP session without logging off.  This change was made to:
  • Ensure a Pulse connection could be active in only one session at a time. 
  • Prevent an earlier VPN connection from being active when a different user signs into the machine.
  • Resolve inconsistencies with the Pulse client that occurred in previous versions where the tunnel was not torn down upon disconnecting the session.  
  • Ensure that each user can establish a unique VPN connection when using a remote host and that no remnant sessions are present.


This behavior is working as expected in Pulse 5.3R4 and up.

If the goal is to have the VPN tunnel connect in the new session without the user being required to re-enter their credentials in the Pulse client then the following options are available: 
  • In the Pulse connection set, enable the option to "Use Desktop Credentials".  When the new user selects the connection in Pulse, the desktop credentials will be used to authenticate.
  • Use Credential Provider to seamlessly connect a Pulse VPN tunnel when logging on to Windows.  
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