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KB43651 - List of elements are not published to an appliance group

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Last Modified Date10/23/2018 5:15 PM
This article provides a list of elements that are not published from the master appliance to target appliances in a Pulse One appliance group.
Problem or Goal
A PCS/PPS admin plans to add devices to a Pulse One appliance group and needs to know which elements are not shared between appliances using Pulse One publish capabilities so that these can be pre-configured.
See the table below for a list of elements that are NOT published/shared by devices in an appliance group.  If an element is not listed, it is expected to be available for publishing/sharing in an appliance group (for example, SNMP and log configuration settings)

: Indicates that the element is not published on either personality, is not published on PCS only, or is not published on PPS only.
N/A: Indicates that the feature referenced is not available for that platform.
Menu configuration elementPulse Connect Secure (PCS)
Pulse Policy Secure (PPS)
PCS only featurePPS only feature
System>Configuration>Pulse One registration  
System>Configuration>Certificates>Device certificates  
System>Configuration>Certificates>Trusted client CAsIntroduced as a shareable object in PCS 8.2R5 and PPS 8.3R5  
System>Configuration>Certificates>Code-signing certificates  
System>Configuration>Certificates>Client Auth Certificates N/A
System>Configuration>DMI agent  
System>Configuration>IKEv2 N/A
System>Status>Devices N/A
System>Network (all sections)  
Authentication>Auth ServersMAG Chassis SSO server instance is not synchronized.
System local is not synchronized.
.Administrators is not synchronized.
TOTP is not synchronized
Authentication>Endpoint Security>Host Checker:ESAP  
Authentication>Endpoint Security>Cache Cleaner N/A
Users>User Realms>realmName>Role Mapping: custom expression.
Administrators>Admin Realms>realmName>Role mapping: custom expression
Custom expressions used for TOTP and System Local servers are not published; otherwise, these are published successfully  
Users>Resource Profiles>Secure Mail N/A
Users>Resource Profiles>S/MIME certificates N/A
Users>Resource Policies>Web>SAML ACL N/A
Users>Resource Policies>Email client N/A
Users>Pulse Secure Client>Components:Version (installation package)  
Users>Pulse Secure Client>Components:Version enforcement  
Users>Enforcer>IP Pools N/A
Maintenance>Push Config (All)  
Maintenance>Troubleshooting> (All)  
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