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KB43696 - "Connect" button is missing for VPN Connection in Pulse Mobile Client for Android

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Last Modified Date3/23/2018 7:27 AM
This article describes the behavior of the Pulse Mobile Client for Android where the "Connect" button is missing for VPN connection preventing the end user from connecting manually.
Problem or Goal
If the Pulse WorkSpace Admin configures On-Demand VPN for Pulse Mobile users, the Connect button will be missing from the VPN connection and end user will not be able to manually connect.

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When the On-Demand VPN profile is pushed from Pulse WorkSpace by the administrator, the following behavior will occur:
  1. On-Demand VPN dialogue will open
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  1. Connection request system dialogue will open and the end user will need to accept by pressing OK
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When the end user wants to establish a VPN tunnel, they will launch the configured app (for On-Demand VPN) and the VPN tunnel will be automatically established. When there is no traffic sent via the established tunnel (per the admin pre-configured idle time), tunnel will be tear-down automatically.
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