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KB43715 - Error "Invalid value for identifier server" is returned when specifying a port number with IP address for syslog server using Rest API command or XML

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Last Modified Date4/16/2018 11:34 PM
This article describes an issue that occurs when using Rest API to add a syslog server to the PCS configuration.  If a port is specified with the IP address of the syslog server the following error occurs when importing the changes:
"Invalid value for identifier server".
Problem or Goal

While trying to configure syslog server, the Rest API POST command works for IP address, however, when specifying the port number with the IP address the following error is returned:

"Invalid value for identifier server."

Command used for POST:

{ "client-cert": "Select Client Cert", "communication-type": "udp", "facility": "local-zero", "filter": "Standard", "server": "" }

Resulting error:

"result": {
"errors": [

{ "message": "[/system/log/events-log-settings/syslog[node=localhost2]/syslog-servers/syslog-server
[server=,facility=local-zero,filter=###invalid###]/server] Invalid Address:" }

{ "message": "[/system/log/events-log-settings/syslog[node=localhost2]/syslog-servers] 
Invalid value for identifier server" }

This issue caused by a code defect in the XML import function that causes a custom port entry for a Syslog server to not be recognized.  


This issue is fixed in PCS OS 8.3R5 and up.

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