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KB43721 - How to configure Okta for SAML authentication with the PCS

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Last Modified Date8/27/2018 11:46 PM
This article provides the necessary values to configure in the Okta server as the Identity Provider with the PCS device configured as the Service Provider for successful authentication.
Problem or Goal
After configuring a SAML application on OKTA for the PCS, users are unable to login 
The error message is
No valid assertion

No sign-in URL found
This issue occurs due to missing or incorrect values when mapping the Okta attributes to the PCS SAML auth server values.
In order to allow successful authentication with Okta,  the Okta configuration needs to have the following attribute-value pair configuration:
Okta attributePCS Value
Single Sign On URL
Recipient URL
Destination URL
Audience Restriction

Items to Note

  • Recipient URL: This is the Connect Secure Entity Id that is auto-populated upon creating a SAML auth server on the PCS device.
  • Audience Restriction: This is the sign-in URL created on the PCS device for SAML authentication.  
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