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KB43734 - How to retrieve licensing information via the Device Management Interface (DMI)

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Last Modified Date7/16/2018 3:37 PM
This article describes how to retrieve licensing information via DMI.
Problem or Goal
The installed licenses can be viewed under System > Configuration > Licensing and can also be obtained via XML export via Maintenance > Import/Export > Export XML, the licensing information is contained within:
Both these methods require an administrator to log into each PCS/PPS and manually extract the licensing information, the administrator would like to have a way to retrieve the licensing information via a method that can be automated.
To obtain license information, the correct RPC command to issue is get-license-inventory.  

This will return the following license information:
  • License key
  • License key validity
  • License SKU name
  • Any start and end dates for subscription licenses
<name>john paul ringo george zippy</name>

Currently the REST API support does not include an equivalent command, it is under consideration for inclusion in a future update of the REST API framework.

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