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KB43761 - Pulse One upgrade from 2.0.1743 to 2.0.1808 fails with error: "ERROR:Image 'mariadb:1808' not found"

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Last Modified Date9/10/2018 11:42 PM
This article describes an issue where Pulse One On-Premise upgrade from version 2.0.1743 to 2.0.1808 fails due to error: ERROR:Image 'mariadb:1808' not found"
Problem or Goal
Pulse One upgrade fails with the following output:
Pulse One > 
system upgrade 29893b1b2df52d34b98fd802ffa161da 
WARNING: Please ensure that backup has been performed (`system backup export` command). 
Data and configuration changes cannot be reverted after upgrade. 
Type "UPGRADE" to continue: UPGRADE 
Downloading upgrade bundle... 
System initializing. This may take a few minutes. 
Upgrading system configuration and data from 1723 to 1808. 
Removing uno_backend_1 ... done 
Removing uno_console_1 ... done 
Removing uno_ui-assets_1 ... done 
Removing uno_proxy_1 ... done 
Removing uno_api_1 ... done 
Removing uno_pws-api_1 ... done 
Removing uno_backbeat_1 ... done 
Removing uno_cache_1 ... done 
Removing uno_log-collector_1 ... done 
Removing uno_file-store_1 ... done 
Logged in as admin 
Pulse One > 
Pulse One > 
Pulse One > 
Pulse One > 
Pulse One > services status 
Name State 
api Stopped 
backbeat Stopped 
backend Stopped 
cache Stopped 
console Stopped 
data-store Stopped 
file-store Stopped 
index Stopped 
log-collector Stopped 
log-indexer Stopped 
proxy Stopped 
pws-api Stopped 
ui-assets Stopped 
Pulse One > services restart 
Starting with version "1808"... 
ERROR: Image 'mariadb:1808' not found 
Pulse One >

This issue can occur if there is not enough available disk space to store the 1808 image.
It is possible for the disk to fill with logs if they are being stored on the device for more than 30 days at a time.  Pulse One 2.0.1808 can prevent this issue because it limits the log size and retention so this issue should not occur when upgrading from the 1808 version, however, for previous releases, that may be affected by this issue, decreasing the internal storage period to 7 days can free up the necessary amount of disk space to complete the upgrade.  

If this does not help and the upgrade cannot be completed, please open a support case with Pulse Secure and have it escalated so that engineering can assist.
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Created ByFelipe Acusa



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