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KB43764 - File browsing bookmarks are displayed twice in the user UI and the file browsing SSO does not get applied when using TOTP as secondary authentication

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Last Modified Date11/2/2018 10:56 PM
This article describes an issue where File Bookmarks are displayed twice in the user's bookmark page and the file browsing SSO does not get applied when using TOTP as a secondary authentication server.
Problem or Goal
This issue occurs when the following configuration is in place:
  • Active Directory is configured as the primary authentication and a TOTP (such as Google Authenticator) is configured as secondary authentication.
  • Windows file bookmarks have been created with a variable attribute path (for example: \\server\User\<USERNAME>).\
  • A Windows Server Single Sign-On policy has been created with the resource set to \\server\User and the Username parameter set to <USERNAME> as per the below example:
User-added image
  • When TOTP is used as secondary authentication, there are two file bookmarks created for each share and the SSO does not get applied.  The user has to manually enter their AD credentials.
User bookmark page example:
User-added image

When 2nd factor authentication as a TOTP server is used, it is configured as an LDAP server.  When the <USERNAME> variable is used in the bookmark, this creates a second file bookmark because the username is the same for both the AD and LDAP instances.  The SSO does not get applied because there are two different passwords being used, and the system is applying the TOTP password.  


Configure the file bookmark with an index number in the <USERNAME> parameter so the system applies the primary server username and password.

For example:
To pick user from primary auth server: \\\User\<USERNAME[1]>
To pick user from secondary auth server: \\\User\<USERNAME[2]>

User-added image

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