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KB43789 - How to use the delete-active-sessions Device Management Interface (DMI) RPC

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Last Modified Date7/13/2018 10:12 PM
This article provides details on the delete-active-sessions DMI RPC.
Problem or Goal
In the 8.2R3 PCS Device Management Interface (DMI) Solutions Guide which contains the schema for the RPC and the RPC-REPLY it shows as an example for the delete-active-sessions RPC:

<rpc message-id='101'>
           <authentication-realm>Admin Users</authentication-realm>

If a useruid is used as the session-id the delete request will fail.
Each user has a user record entry created when they first connect to the PCS, associated with that useruid are unique session IDs (sids) which are created for each session for that specific user.  To delete a session of a user the sid should be entered for the session-id.
To obtain the sid for a users session, first use the <get-active-user> RPC which will contain their correct session-id.

NoteWhile the Realm and username are passed in the RPC they are not processed and validated, only the session-id is used to determine which session to delete.
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