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KB43792 - Premier Java HOB (RDP) Applet bookmark launched from macOS to a Windows 10 remote host fails with error "Connection Failed. Unable to connect to server."

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Last Modified Date6/12/2018 6:30 PM
This article provides details about an issue that occurs on macOS when launching a Premier Java HOB (RDP) Applet bookmark to a Windows 10 remote host with network level authentication (NLA) enabled where the connection fails with error "Connection Failed. Unable to connect to server".
Problem or Goal
This issue will occur under the following conditions using the Premier Java HOB (RDP) Applet:
  • macOS 10.13.3 and above using Safari v11.0
  • Java-Version 8 update 161 
  • Java-Version 8 update 151 
  • Java-Version 8 update 144 

Remote host details:
  • Windows 10 build 1709 and above with NLA enabled
  • MSFT KB4088776 installed

Pulse Connect Secure versions impacted:
  • Pulse Connect Secure 8.3R5 and below
  • Pulse Connect Secure 9.0R1 to 9.0R2.1

With the client/RDP host/PCS server configuration mentioned above, when launching an RDP connection using the HOB Applet, the connection fails with the following errors:
Connection failed. 
Unable to connect to server.... 
Reason: redSSP Error unsupported TsRequest Version 6....
Screenshot of error:

On March 13, 2018, Microsoft released KB4088776 for Windows 10 build 1709.  With this update, some changes were made in CredSSP protocol which is used by NLA that were not compatible with the TS version used in the Premiere Java HOB (RDP) Applet, which caused the HOB applet error that TS version 6 is no longer supported. 
The hob-applet.jar file used by the Premiere Java HOB (RDP) Applet was updated with the latest CredSSP protocol and the fix was released in the following PCS OS versions:
  • Pulse Connect Secure 8.3R6 and above
  • Pulse Connect Secure 9.0R3 and above
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