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KB43796 - How to uninstall the vTM's ztrans module, for IP transparency, from a Linux kernel.

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Last Modified Date6/14/2018 2:03 PM
When planning to upgrade the kernel and vTM versions that were previously using the ztrans (IP transparency) module the module should be removed because it is no longer required in supported versions.
Problem or Goal
Per the vTM 10.1 Release notes:

SR26636 - An implementation of IP transparency that uses the native Linux kernel support, which performs better than using the 'ztrans' module and supports IPv6 addresses, is now available for kernels >= 2.6.24 and iptables >= 1.4.11, when the traffic manager is installed and run as the root user. If other software on the machine is also managing iptables, there are configuration options on the "System->Networking" tab which may help to resolve conflicts. The 'ztrans' kernel module is not required, but if it is installed, it will be used instead to minimize behavior changes on upgrade. To use the new implementation on a machine that supports both methods, uninstall the 'ztrans' module. The older 'ztrans' module is only supported for kernels <= 3.2.
The following commands can be used to remove the vTM's ztrans module:

1) /usr/local/zeus/stop-zeus
2) rmmod ztrans
3) lsmod | grep ztrans
4) rm /lib/modules/<KERNEL VER>/zeus/ztrans.ko
5) /sbin/depmod
6) reboot
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