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KB43814 - File share access to NetApp ONTAP server is failing with SMBv3 negotiation protocol

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Last Modified Date12/19/2018 4:42 AM
This article describes an issue where the file share access to NetApp ONTAP fails to work after upgrading the Pulse Connect Secure appliance to 9.0R1 and above.
Problem or Goal
When accessing file share from a NetApp ONTAP (CISF/SMB) server via file browsing feature and NetApp ONTAP file server is set to use SMBv3, access may fails with the error message:
File browsing error.

(Screenshot of error)
User-added image
This issue is applicable only to 9.0R1 to 9.0R2.1 if the following conditions are met:
  • Running Pulse Connect Secure 9.0R1 to 9.0R2.1
  • SMBv3 is configured on the SMB server
  • SMB2_CAP_ENCRYPTION is not set on the SMB server
This issue occurs due to an issue with the samba client in 9.0R1 to 9.0R2.1 if the optional SMB2_CAP_ENCRYPTION is not set on the SMB server.  In the following releases, the following samba client was making the SMB2_CAP_ENCRYPTION as a mandatory field.
To resolve this issue, please upgrade to Pulse Connect Secure 9.0R3 and above.


If the PCS device is running an affected version, reconfigure the Netapp ONTAP server to use SMBv2 instead. 

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