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KB43815 - Frequent fqdnacl process failure after upgrading to 9.0R1 - 9.0R2

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Last Modified Date3/9/2020 6:30 PM
This article describes an issue where the following event frequently appears in the event log after upgrading to 9.0R1: "Program fqdnacl recently failed".  
Problem or Goal
After upgrading to Pulse Connect Secure 9.0R1 or 9.0R2, the admin may notice that the following event is being generated in the event log frequently:
Critical    ERR31093    2018-07-03 08:56:11 - Pulse01 - [] System()[] - Program fqdnacl recently failed.
There are two issues that can trigger a fqdnacl child process to crash:
  1.  Processing DNS packets with IP options with a packet length more than 20 bytes and FQDN-based ACLs are configured. (PRS-364920)  
  2.  Processing DNS response packets which are fragmented and FQDN-based ACLs are configured. (PRS-375079)
To resolve the first problem, please upgrade to the following Pulse Connect Secure versions:
  • Pulse Connect Secure 9.0R3 and above

For the second problem with handling fragmentation of DNS response packets there will be a code fix in 9.1R3/9.0R5 so that these packets will be dropped rather than processed.
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