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KB43823 - High CPU usage when 'Contact trusted domains' option is enabled n the AD auth server configuration

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Last Modified Date9/12/2018 12:56 AM
This article describes an issue where high CPU usage occurs when an AD server is configured with the option "Contact trusted domains".
Problem or Goal
An AD authentication server instance has been configured on the PCS device and the option to Contact Trusted Domains is enabled under the Trusted Domain Lookup section as per the below screenshot:

User-added image

This issue is present in PCS OS 8.3R2 and below.
If this option is enabled and the server is unable to contact the trusted domains, it results in the process getting stuck in a loop which eventually consumes CPU cycles to the point where the device reports high CPU usage from the dashboard.  If the CPU usage gets too high, the device can crash and become unresponsive.  


This issue is fixed in fixed in samba 4.5.3 with PCS OS 8.3R3 and up.

To confirm if this is the root cause for high CPU, a system snapshot with debug logging with AD auth event codes will need to be taken.  To have Pulse Secure support assist with this, open a support case and refer to this KB article.

Otherwise, if this option is enabled, it can be disabled and the system can be allowed to run for some time to confirm that the CPU usage decreases.  

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