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KB43850 - Upgrade fails with error "failed to export configuration data".

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Last Modified Date8/6/2018 4:19 PM
This article describes an issue where a software upgrade fails with error "failed to export configuration data". 
Problem or Goal
While observing the progress of a software upgrade from the console, the upgrade will get to:
Saving copy of system config
Which will timeout and the following error message will be displayed:
Failed to export configuration data

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This issue can occur if there are large files present in the /data partition as it leads to lack of space.  Additionally, in some cases, possible corruption in the file system can prevent the system config from being saved during the upgrade, which can result in a timeout.  

The size of the /data partition can be verified by taking a system snapshot and submitting this to Pulse Secure support for analysis.

The following items are written to the system config and can consist of large data files which can result in the disk space becoming full:  
  • System logs (Event Logs, Admin Access, User Access, etc.)
  • System snapshots
  • ESAP packages
  • Dashboard data
  • Staged software packages
  • Pulse client packages

When upgrading a device, it is recommended to delete any of the above unused items from the system so that the system config remains under 400 MB.  

If the issue still occurs after deleting the unused items mentioned above then one of the options below should resolve the issue:

  • Have Pulse Secure engineering perform Remote Debugging Console (RDC) session to delete unwanted or corrupted files.  (A support case should be open with Pulse Secure to arrange this.)
  • Export the system.cfg and user.cfg from the device then perform a factory reset (using console options) then upgrade the device to production version and reimport the system.cfg and user.cfg.  This will clear the disk partition of unwanted or corrupt files.  (This option will require some downtime and a maintenance window should be scheduled as the device will be taken offline.)

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