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KB43854 - Is there an available SNMP MIB For Services Director 17.2?

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Last Modified Date10/12/2018 7:45 AM
There appear to be unpublished MIB values for the Service Director 17.2- is there a downloadable MIB?
Problem or Goal

There is no MIB available currently to download for the Service Director but there are a few MIB OID values for Service Director 17.2 and later.

It is possible to view the Service Director MIB file and walk for the specific values using the following steps:

NOTE: In order to check the MIB value output of the Service Director, you must connect to the operating system via CLI as admin to execute the following commands using the following commands:

1. Connect to the CLI:
login as: admin
Brocade Services Director
admin@'s password:
Last login: Tue Sep 11 09:43:12 2016 from
amnesia > enable
amnesia # configure terminal
amnesia (config) #

2. Start the OS shell:
amnesia (config) # _shell
[admin@amnesia ~]#

You are now in the operating system shell.  <To exit the OS shell, type ctrl + D>

3. Open /usr/share/snmp/mibs/SSC-MIB.txt and ensure that module identity of 'ssc' is {products 100
        LAST-UPDATED        "201307310000Z"
        ORGANIZATION        "Riverbed Technology, Inc."
           "   Riverbed Technical Support
        DESCRIPTION         "Riverbed Technology Stingray Services Controller MIB"
        ::= { products 100 }

4. Run the command: snmpwalk -Ou -M +/usr/share/snmp/mibs -mALL -v1 -c public localhost enterprises.rbt to verify the mapped OID values of the MIB. 
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